Policies & Library Laws

Mission and Purpose

The Wynnewood Public Library provides access to materials and services in a variety of formats to meet the informational and recreational needs of the community. The Wynnewood Public Library values the dignity of individual beliefs and promotes the literacy and the empowerment of individuals through lifelong learning.

It is the purpose of the Wynnewood Public Library to provide current, high demand, high interest materials in a variety of formats for persons of all ages. The Wynnewood Public Library actively promotes and encourages the use of the collection.

Library Policies

Children's Internet Protection Policy (PDF, 238 KB)

Computer Usage Policy (PDF, 432 KB)

Donation Policy (PDF, 247 KB)

Duties and Responsibilities of the Library Board (PDF, 239)

Policies (PDF, 250 KB)

Policy Statement (PDF, 236 KB)

Responsibilities of the Head Librarian (PDF, 316 KB)

Rules of Conduct (PDF, 249 KB)

Technology Plan (PDF, 253 KB)


Borrowing and Circulation Policy

Internet and Computer Policy

Collection Development and Management (PDF, 46KB)

Meeting Room Policy (PDF, 21KB)

Emergencies Policy (PDF, 27KB)

Programming Policy (PDF, 28KB)

Safety and Behavior Policy (PDF, 43KB)

Patron Confidentiality Policy (PDF, 22KB)

Scope of Services Policy

Library Laws

Laws and Regulations Affecting Oklahoma Libraries